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Apartment Queen Investments

Texas United States

#WomanFounder #DiverseFounders #Community #Education

The Apartment Queen helps women break out of the cycles of poverty and abuse towards a life of prosperity and success.

Our team aims to create 1 Billion “Shevestors” by 2030, and we can’t do it without your help. 

Started by entrepreneur and woman-empowerment advocate Kaylee McMahon, The Apartment Queen provides wealth-building opportunities to empower women who are vulnerable to domestic violence and financial abuse. 

The Apartment Queen Investments is dedicated to helping underserved women benefit from this 176.8 billion dollar industry through education and helping them access profitable real estate investments. We have a free, downloadable Shevest App packed with accessible resources to help future investors learn about real estate acquisitions.

Our team knows that providing women in need with access to stable investment opportunities has the power to CHANGE LIVES. Women who escape the cycles of abuse go forward to live productive, active lives, truly living their soul’s purpose and benefiting the communities around them.

For socially conscious investors, this is an opportunity to make a difference with your money. You can build wealth through investing in rock-solid multi-family apartments that will continue to generate income for years to come.   

Our backers get the satisfaction of a profitable return on their investment while knowing they are truly changing the lives of women in great need. By investing with The Apartment Queen, you are “paying it forward” to help women escape abuse and thrive.

How We Make it Happen

Our team is packed with experienced real estate experts. We identify properties that meet our five core criteria for investment to ensure that it has a guaranteed return. Our founder Kaylee has raised over $3.5 million in funds in 18 months alone, and The Apartment Queen boasts an acquisition of 6 multi-family apartment properties and serves 408+ investors.

At The Apartment Queen, we are all led by a belief that more women need to be represented in the real estate industry as leaders. For Kaylee, her “why” is to change the face of multi-family to bring more women into the space as powerhouse operators, key principals, and commercial brokers. Her mission is to help women break free from codependent and toxic relationships that keep them from realizing their visions for a long, healthy, and productive life. 

Our company does this through acquiring and improving multi-family properties and turning a healthy profit (that also gives you a great ROI).

With your help, we can achieve our goal of finding 1 Billion “Shevestors” by 2030 and ending the financial abuse of vulnerable women. And we can help you reach greater financial ease with a passive income stream to fund your own visions and goals. So join us, and let’s fund a better future. 


Our Mission (and now yours)

The Apartment Queen is driven by the mission to help women escape poverty and domestic violence. Through targeted education on real estate investing, we help uplift and EMPOWER women towards financial freedom.

We are led by our passion:

  • To see a world where women can be free

  • To help women thrive by earning reliable passive income streams

  • To decrease the impacts of poverty and abuse on women and their families

  • To help create 1 Billion “Shevestors: by 2030

  • To provide educational resources and the free Shevest App to aid future investors

Our mission can’t happen without you. As an investor, you benefit from this work by generating stable passive income streams to live a better life. So you can double your investment while also assisting women to reach greater financial security and freedom. 

For the socially conscious investor who wants their money to make the world a better place, The Apartment Queen provides an option for a lucrative return that also feels good in your heart. Multi-family investments are a stable, tangible option to boost your 401k, IRA, or pension. 

You can invest at any level; the minimum is only $1,000. We make real estate investment an achievable goal through the crowdsourcing platform. You can reap your return or reinvest your profits to continue earning. 

Please check out some of our projects here -

Please View our Webinar here on the fund -

Investment Perks

  • $25,000 mentor .25% additional preferred return

  • Only investors who contribute $24,999 or greater will have access to the operations and investment team.

Key Facts & Financials

Apartment Queen Investments Story

At Apartment Queen Investments, we are led by a desire to see a world where women are no longer trapped in relationships that harm them physically, emotionally, and financially.

Kaylee saw first-hand the impacts of physical and financial abuse on a dear friend trapped in an abusive relationship. Her friend struggled to leave, not because she didn’t want to, but because she was not financially able to escape. Kaylee understood that a huge barrier standing between women like her friend and safety – was life-saving access to capital. 

When Kaylee dug deeper, she learned that 98% of women who are in abusive relationships are also experiencing financial abuse. Abuse is hard enough to survive, let alone find solutions towards freedom. The Apartment Queen was founded to provide real solutions to the problems faced by women in domestic violence situations. 

Financial independence is critical in helping women leave toxic, abusive relationships when they feel they have nowhere else to turn. After seeing the struggles that her friend faced, Kaylee was inspired to make a difference. She knew she had the unique ability to provide a solution for other women like her through education and multi-family home investments. 

Our company provides education and resources to help EMPOWER women to leave and begin cultivating financial security. In helping more women break free from poverty, we are creating a happier and healthier society. 

Through investment, these women can generate a passive income that can benefit them for years to come. With targeted returns that are 9% better than traditional investing, everyone (including the women we serve) can benefit from this lucrative and reliable industry.   

Your investment will aid Kaylee and her time to continue to provide education and wealth-building opportunities to women trying to move out of cycles of domestic abuse and poverty. 

The Founders

Kaylee Mcmahon

CEO and Founder

As the founder of The Apartment Queen, Kaylee McMahon is the driving force behind our company’s vision. With an extensive background in real estate development, she has purchased over $68.2 million in real estate as a general partner and principal.

Her passion for helping other women thrive in this industry has led her to start her podcast “#1 Leading Ladies,” focused on women who powerhouse their sectors and the stories of how they found their success.

Kaylee focuses her wealth of multi-family experience and expertise on helping other women (and men who want to see women thrive) make intelligent investments that lead towards lucrative passive income streams. She is continually guided by her love of learning, taking deep dives with workshops from industry leaders to ever improve her approach.

As a passionate advocate for women escaping domestic abuse, codependency, and toxic relationships, Kaylee hopes to help more women achieve financial and personal freedom.

The Team

Shereena Wilson


Shereena provides crucial financial forecasting, auditing, and data analysis. She helps ensure the economic success of our company through profitability and variance analysis and locating potential cost savings. She also is essential for navigating the lending processes and any financial transactions for the company.

Kristy Siple


Kristy is a certified public accountant serving small to mid-size businesses. She has broad experience with a variety of business industries however the top three are real estate, construction, and manufacturing.


Reg-D Counsel

Adnan assists real estate syndicators, venture/private equity funds, and startups with private placement investment deals. He focuses his practice on structuring investment funds, private securities compliance, and closing private investment offerings.

Dugan Kelly

Crowdfunding Attorney

Kelley Clarke, PLLC Managing Partner January 2018 – Present (4 years 6 months) Kelley Clarke, PLLC Christman, Kelley & Clarke, PC Managing Partner December 2008 – Present (13 years 7 months) Cappello & Noel LLP Attorney/Partner 2005 – 2009 (4 years)



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